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MEDILIGHT Presented at MNBS 2017 Workshop

MEDILIGHT took part in the Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems (MNBS), which was held in Amsterdam on 12 – 13 December 2017, and was co-located with the International MicroNanoConference. During the event, Martina Urbankova of AMIRES delivered a presentation in which MEDILIGHT concept and the plan for translation from the concept into product were presented.  In the presentation, project’s good practice was also shared. MEDILIGHT demonstrator was showcased. Click HERE for the presentation.

MEDILIGHT also contributed to the inSSIght project workshop, in which MNBS stakeholders identified the key technical and business bottlenecks in the development of MNBS technologies (click HERE for more information about inSSIght).




MEDILIGHT Workshop on Translating Technologies into Products

On 17 November 2017, MEDILIGHT held in a partnership with the Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation a workshop.  During the event, main achievements of this project in development and validation of MEDILIGHT – a medical device for personalized wound care were be presented. The main focus was given to the topic of translating technologies into competitive, validated & manufacturable products to impact the quality of life, comparing the perspectives of the European Commission and the end-user URGO Group. Plan for development and commercialization of MEDILIGHT including foreseen risks and bottlenecks was presented.



Interview with URGO RID Director General

An article about innovation at URGO, a French leading international healthcare group specialized in advanced wound care and self-care, with Jean-François Robert, Director General of Urgo Recherche Innovation et Developpement was published by the French Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle. In his interview, Dr. Robert stressed the importance of innovations, which are at hart of URGO development.  The MEDILIGHT project is mentioned as one of URGO’s current strategic research and development projects. Click HERE for the full article in French.


On 8 September 2017 , MEDILIGHT with its innovative concept for chronic wound healing was featured on the ARTE Health TV magazine, as a part of Laboratories URGO presentation.  You can find MEDILIGHT starting at minute 10:10. The spot is in French. Click HERE to see the broadcasting.


ISFOE is the biggest scientific & technology event in Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs). This year researchers, scientists, engineers, business managers, and policy makers from 59 countries participated to the event from 3 to 6 July in Thessaloniki, Greece. During a special workshop focused on Smart Textile and Wearables and presentation of potential applications and demonstrators, Dr. Dionysios Manessis, coordinator of  the MEDILIGHT project, delivered a presentation titled Developments towards a miniaturized smart system for light stimulation and monitoring of wound healing – EU Project MEDILIGHT (click HERE for the presentation).


MEDILIGHT press release titled “MEDILIGHT Blue light for chronic wound healing”, which presents research results achieved so far in the biological part of the project, has been published by EU Publications Office on CORDIS, Community Research and Development Information Service (click HERE).


On 3 – 5 May, 2017, the 27th conference of European Wound Management Association, EWMA 2017, took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  The theme of the conference was: “CHANGE, OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES – WOUND MANAGEMENT IN CHANGING HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS”. URGO RID, a partner of MEDILIGHT, presented at the event an e-poster titled “Developments towards a miniaturized smart system for light stimulation and monitoring of wound healing – EU project MEDILIGHT” (click HERE for the e-poster). Information about MEDILIGHT and the project’s brochure were also provided at the stand of URGO Medical.

According to Julien Steinbrunn of URGO RID, ”MEDILIGHT attracted attention of the audience due to the innovative nature of this concept, based on the effects of blue light on both healing cells and bacteria, enabling a new personalized treatment  for advanced wound care”.

MEDILIGHT Press Release

The MEDILIGHT project, an aim of which is to develop a smart medical device for wound care, has released its second press release. It provides information about the project’s research results in its biological part. Click HERE and enjoy the reading!

MEDILIGHT Updated Factsheet released!

An update of the MEDILIGHT factsheet has been released.  This update reflects the change of the technical approach and modification in the type of light used.  Click HERE and enjoy the reading!

MEDILIGHT Featured by GlobalData

The MEDILIGHT was featured as a new pipeline product for would care management in the GlobalData Medical Intelligence Center Daily Alert published on 13 April 2017.  GlobalData provides reports with data on a wide range of key metrics and indicators in the consumer goods, retail, technology and healthcare sectors along with valuable insight to enable more informed decision making. The information is available only to subscribed users (click HERE).